About Us

Meet the Tippy Top Tree Services Crew

Tippy Top Tree Services SPC employs a hard-working crew and a high degree of problem-solving.

When we put on our hard hats, we put on our thinking caps.

When you hire us, your job may take a little longer than a crew with big rigs and heavy equipment, but it will likely end up costing the same, or even less.

The difference: We strategize and take smaller pieces, with a lighter impact on your land.

As conscientious tree surgeons, we make ideal cuts for the health of your trees.  We specialize in the strategic removal of problem trees, and go above and beyond to overcome obstacles and create outcomes that meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Personnel safety, structure protection and nature preservation inform all of our decisions in the work we do on your property.

Because we’re a social purpose corporation, you can feel good, knowing that a portion of our profits is given back to the community.


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